Steelers Stuff You Need To Know – 3/3/15

* The Steelers rank fourth highest in the league in dead money for 2015 with $8.8m, behind only Detroit, Baltimore and Dallas. The majority of this is attributable to the ill-fated big money extension they shelled out to LaMarr Woodley back in 2011. For folks (like me) who are whining about the Cortez Allen extension, Woodley’s deal was far, far worse for the team. * Speaking of Woodley, the Raiders ended up releasing him the other day. Similar story to how his career ended in Pittsburgh: couldn’t stay healthy and wasn’t worth the big $ the team was paying him. Inevitably, folks will start speculating that the Steelers may try and bring him back for a second chance. I guess it’s possible at a VERY bargain basement price, but something tells me the injury history will scare them away. Probably rightly so. * Under the NFL’s new substance abuse policy, Le’Veon Bell may […]


Steelers Stuff You Need To Know – 3/1/15

Bell and Brown awards

* Teams are required to submit the names of players they intend to franchise tag this Monday. The Steelers have already said they’ll let Jason Worilds test the free agent market and he’s really the only logical candidate for the tag, so it’s pretty much a given they won’t use it. * Mike Wallace has indicated he would be interested in a return to the Steelers. Played ok at times last year for the Dolphins, but has basically been a very expensive bust for them. Oh, and he showed himself to be a problem in the locker room, as well. Thanks, but no thanks. * The Steelers will be in the market for a backup running back this offseason and some are speculating that Steven Jackson might be a good fit. With twelve years in the league and a TON of wear on the tires, Jackson is a one-year band aid at best, […]


Reading The Tea Leaves On The Recent Round Of Cap Restructurings

Jason Worilds has likely played his last game in black and gold. Photo courtesy of JD Seibel

As you are probably aware, the Steelers did a little bit of cap gymnastics this week, restructuring the contracts of Marcus Gilbert and Mike Mitchell and reportedly working on a re-do of Maurkice Pouncey’s deal, as well. Between Gilbert and Mitchell, they free up approximately $8 million in space and Pouncey’s restructuring would push that north of $10 million. Factor in a potential re-do of Polamalu’s deal ($6m base this year) and an extension for Ben, and the Steelers could be sitting on a fair amount of unused cap space in the very near future. All of which begs the question: what will they do with it? Here are three possibilities: 1) Ink a free agent corner and/or outside linebacker. To me, this seems the most likely scenario. The Steelers were uncharacteristically active in free agency last offseason, which makes me think we’re seeing a bit of a change in […]


Steelers Mock Draft Compilation Points To Secondary

Mock Draft 2015 Compilation 1

It’s still very early in the talent evaluation process, but I wanted to once again put together a compilation of Steelers mock drafts to see what others are saying about who we might take in the first round. I did this last year and updated it several times leading up to the draft and it was interesting to see how the picks changed over time. Here’s what I was able to compile: At this early stage, guys are generally just guessing based on team need more than any insight as to which particular players teams are favoring, so it’s probably no surprise that the secondary is getting most of the focus here. Outside linebacker is another favorite, which makes sense given the uncertain status of Jason Worilds’ contract and questions about Jarvis Jones. For those wondering, last year’s early favorites for the Steelers in the mock draft compilations were another […]


Steelers Stuff You Need To Know – 2/19/15

Browns logo

* Looks like the Steelers are going to let Jason Worilds test the free agent market. This doesn’t mean that they won’t look to re-sign him, only that they’ll let the market dictate what type of deal he can get and then they’ll decide whether to beat it or let him walk. Very tricky call for the Steelers. They’re dangerously thin at the position and in no position to overpay for a guy that has been somewhat inconsistent throughout his career. Gun to the head, I’d say the Steelers probably end up losing him. Jarvis Jones, you better have your s*&$ together…… * Vegas odds makers have set the over/under on the number of Steelers wins in 2015 at 8.5. Some may scoff that that’s too low given they had ten wins last season, but remember – they have the toughest schedule in the league next season. Within the AFC North, […]


Steelers Stuff You Need To Know – 2/17/15

* The early word on Le’Veon Bell is that he’ll likely be suspended for two games. No surprise, really, although it boggles my mind that LeGarrette Blount will somehow get out of this without missing any games, if the rumor is true. Bell’s looming suspension will increase the pressure on the Steelers to pick up a viable backup. Frankly, they should already consider that a must-have. Photo courtesy of * The Steelers have the NFL’s toughest schedule in 2015, facing eleven teams that had a .500 or better win percentage last season. Nine of those eleven were playoff teams. Compare that to the Falcons’ schedule, the NFL’s easiest, which features just four opponents with winning records. The Steelers divisional rotation in 2015 includes the AFC and NFC West, as well as games against Indy and New England. * The Steelers had a contingent of scouts at the Senior Bowl and […]


An Interesting Trade Scenario For The Steelers

Could a healthy Ryan Shazier make trade bait out of Vince Williams? Photo courtesy of

While I’ve often been critical of Bleacher Report in the past, I saw something there today that was both interesting and may even have merit – a rarity for them. It was an article titled “Every NFL Team’s Top Trade Commodity for 2015”, which is pretty much just what it sounds like. For the Steelers, the guy they mentioned is ILB Vince Williams. It’s not a terrible idea. Here are three reasons why: 1)         They’re already loaded at the position. Timmons is a mainstay and the spot opposite him is obviously earmarked for Ryan Shazier. If for some reason Shazier can’t claim it (and I’ll be sick if he can’t), you have Sean Spence or even Arthur Moats, who is capable of playing both inside and outside linebacker. Don’t sleep on Jordan Zumwalt, either. This is the one position on the team where the Steelers have true, capable depth. Could […]

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