Early Glimpse From Camp Suggests Keisel and Harrison Unlikely To Be Brought Back

James Harrison

I’m kind of reading the tea leaves on this one and it’s still very early, but what I’ve seen and heard from camp thus far suggests that the return of either Brett Keisel or James Harrison to the Steelers any time soon is unlikely. Obviously, all that could change with a wrong twist of the knee (please no!) or some other assorted injury, but for right now it doesn’t look good for either of these guys, particularly Harrison. The early word out of Latrobe is that free agent linebacker Arthur Moats, who can play both inside and outside linebacker, has been one of the biggest surprises in camp and has very quickly established himself as the #3 outside linebacker behind Worilds and Jones. Chris Carter is still on the roster and the rookie Jordan Zumwalt, who some are calling a potential sixth round steal, is another young body standing in […]


What’s Up At Training Camp: A Nice Tribute To An Old Friend; Shazier Impresses

Brett Keisel tractor

* Roethlisberger showed up to camp looking in great shape. Apparently, he has been working with a nutritionist and a strength and conditioning coach this offseason to improve his arm strength. Several receivers commented that he’s throwing the ball with more zip on it than last year. * Mike Mitchell, the free agent safety from Carolina and someone the defense will be counting on heavily this season, is out with a groin injury. Should only be a week. Fingers crossed that it isn’t lingering. * According to those in attendance, Jarvis Jones does not look to have added significant muscle to his frame. This has me a little concerned as he clearly needed to get stronger this offseason. * Roethlisberger rolled out to the practice field in a yellow 99 jersey – a tribute to Brett Keisel. Sucks not to see him pulling up to camp in a tractor. * […]


The Roethlisberger Extension “Controversy” Has Reached New Levels Of Absurdity

For those not already familiar, the Rooneys issued a statement the other day via the team’s website, the gist of which was that they had sat down with Roethlisberger and assured him that they fully intend to offer him a contract extension next offseason, as opposed to the current one (which is their custom). Predictably, the statement said all the right things….Ben is a priority for the team, he has earned a franchise level deal…everything you would expect. Roethlisberger, for his part, was fairly PC when asked about it at camp, although he did allude to the fact that he was playing for a bit of a “hometown discount” this season. Since then, I have read multiple storylines that have suggested that the Steelers have disrespected Roethlisberger, that it could result in him eventually leaving the team, etc, etc.. Adam Schefter actually suggested that the Steelers were putting off the extension […]


Cool Big Ben / 007 Video

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Don’t Look Now, But The Steelers Have One Of The Best Guard Tandems In The NFL

Guard Performance

Yes, I know it seems hard to believe that anything to do with the Steelers’ much-maligned offensive line should be considered among the league’s best, but it’s true. Really. Last season was the first time we had a chance to see both David DeCastro and Ramon Foster together for nearly a full sixteen games and, by almost any standard, the results should give Steelers fans reasons to be optimistic. The scoring chart below is a breakdown of guard performance for the 2013 season and is courtesy of ProFootballFocus (PFF). PFF grades players based on an analysis of every play that the player participated in over the course of the season and provides a score / ranking based upon their performance. Thus, guards are compared against other guards and are graded on their ability to pass block, run block, # of sacks given up, etc – basically, performance metrics relevant to […]


Yet More Evidence Of Brett Keisel’s All Around Awesomeness

This is a short video clip compliments of WPXI which shows Brett and some kids from Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh on a fishing expedition. Keisel apparently took a group of them out for a day of fishing and fun. Never met Keisel, but I feel confident in saying this dude might be the coolest guy on the planet….. Click here and sign up for our free monthly newsletter to receive exclusive content, discounts on Steelers memorabilia and be entered in a drawing to win an awesome framed TROY POLAMALU collage from Pittsburgh artist Chris Nix of Christopher’s Collages.


Lawrence Timmons Is The Rodney Dangerfield Of Inside Linebackers

Lawrence Timmons INTs

As a fan of the Steelers, it’s hard to make an argument for one of the team’s players being underrated without being accused of being biased. So I’ll just preface this piece with an admission – I AM biased when it comes to Lawrence Timmons and his place in the NFL hierarchy of linebackers. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I’ll try and be a little more objective and back up my assertion that, although he is one of the better inside linebackers in the league, he gets very little respect league-wide. In order to do that, I selected a group of fifteen of what I consider the best inside linebackers in football and break them down by some basic stat lines (tackles, sacks, interceptions) over a four year period. Yes, that’s a simplistic way of doing it and certainly there is more to properly assessing linebacker […]

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