Steelers Stuff You Need To Know – 1/22/15

AB hanging with the troops at the Pro Bowl.

* The question of whether or not the Steelers will try and bring Jason Worilds back has essentially been answered over the last week. Both Keith Butler and Art Rooney Jr made comments suggesting they would like to re-sign Worilds. And, really, what option do they have? Their best pass rusher last year was James Harrison and he’ll be 38 next year. The jury is still out on Jarvis Jones and, while Arthur Moats showed some skill as an edge rusher last season, he’s not the answer at outside linebacker. Worilds clearly has not earned top-shelf OLB money and the Steelers rightly won’t commit to that, but I think there’s a decent chance they’ll be forced to overpay nonetheless. Tough spot for them. * One guy who the Steelers haven’t committed to bringing back is Troy Polamalu. Likewise, the futures of Brett Keisel, James Harrison and Ike Taylor are all awaiting “internal debate”, according […]


Steelers Stuff You Need To Know – 1/14/15

* As expected, the Steelers named long-time linebackers coach Keith Butler to replace Dick LeBeau as defensive coordinator. The Steelers released a transcript of an interview with Butler on their website and one noteworthy item in there was his mention that they’ll be using the 4-3 occasionally in their sub package. They’re not scrapping the 3-4, mind you, but we’ll definitely see some 4-3 next season. * Just thinking out loud here, but one potential offshoot of mixing the 4-3 in a bit is it probably lessens any leverage Jason Worilds might have in contract negotiations this offseason. Not saying the Steelers don’t need him or that they won’t make an offer, but it does lessen their reliance on him. Just a tad. * In news that should come as absolutely no surprise to anyone, there are rumors that Dick LeBeau may end up in Arizona possibly as DC (if they lose theirs to […]


WTF Really Happened With LeBeau & The Steelers?

Ok, so I guess this isn’t so straightforward after all. At first blush, this looked like a retirement and, while a little surprising, was not altogether shocking considering the man is seventy-seven years of age. Dick LeBeau leaving Steelers he tells the Urbana Daily Citizen in his native Ohio — Ed Bouchette (@EdBouchette) January 10, 2015 Maybe half an hour after the announcement comes out, however, it’s learned that LeBeau is not retiring but, rather, resigning.  Per the Urbana Citizen, LeBeau resigned as #Steelers DC. He did say, however, that he’s not retiring — Dale Lolley (@dlolleyor) January 10, 2015 In other words, he’s leaving and would be open to working elsewhere. Wow, okay…. At this point, you start to hear the term “mutually agreed” which, as anyone over the age of ten can tell you, is really code for getting canned. Or at least getting canned on less than […]


BREAKING: Dick LeBeau Hangs It Up

While I’m not entirely shocked to hear this news, it’s still somehow hard to fathom. He’s been there so long, it’s going to feel really weird not to have him on the sidelines when next season rolls around. To be clear, he’s not being forced out by any stretch of the imagination – he’s simply retiring. He’s the article in which he discusses his decision: Long-time (12 years!) linebacker coach Keith Butler will take over for LeBeau as DC next season. It hasn’t been formally announced, but it’s been known for many years that Butler was the heir apparent. Sad news to be honest, but I’m happy to see him going out on his own terms. One hell of a career. Enjoy retirement, coach. Click here and sign up for our free monthly newsletter to receive exclusive content, discounts on Steelers memorabilia and be entered in a drawing to […]


Offensive Personnel & Play Calling In the Ravens III Game: One Last Look

Ravens playoffs 2014 1

Aww, shit guys. These are always tough pieces to write after losses, but after a season-ending loss it’s a real kick in the nuts. That said, people have been very appreciate of it and I owe it to my fellow Steelers fans to see it through. It’s the least I can do. So if you’re reading this, thanks for your patronage this year and I hope you will stay tuned for more this offseason and next year. I’ve learned a lot about the Steelers offense just by compiling this info and I hope you’ve benefited from it, as well. Anyway, without further adieu…… 00 (0 RB, 0 TE) – this is a 5 wide receiver set (expect pass) 01 – (0 RB , 1 TE) – 4 wide receiver set 02 – (0 RB, 2 TE) – 3 wide receivers 03 – (0 RB, 3 TE) – 2 wide receivers […]


Steelers vs Ravens III: Snap Judgements

Aww, shit. Hard to believe it’s over. Seems like the season just started – it always goes by way too fast. As disappointed as I am in last night’s game, I’m still coming away encouraged overall by what we saw from this team this season. There’s still a lot of work to be done, particularly on defense, before this group can be considered a legit Super Bowl contender, but they’re moving in the right direction. Anyway, here are my thoughts on the game last night: The Good * I thought Martavis Bryant had as good a night as anyone last night and gave Steelers fans reason to be very optimistic about his future. The stat line wasn’t staggering (5 reception / 61 yds / 1 TD), but he made some difficult catches and gave a struggling offense a shot in the arm at times. * Decent games by the “three-headed […]


Offensive Personnel & Play Calling In The Bengals Game: AB Bails Em’ Out

Bengals II no huddle

On a night that started with Roethlisberger too sick to make pregame warmups and ended with Bell hyper-extending his knee in grotesque fashion, the Steelers were forced to rely on their third “Killer B” to pull this one out. Thankfully, Antonio Brown rose to the occasion and bailed them out with a pair of touchdowns and another outstanding individual performance. It wasn’t a pretty game by any stretch and, as you’ll see, the numbers are not super impressive, but it inked the AFC North and the #3 spot in the playoffs. No complaints from me. 00 (0 RB, 0 TE) – this is a 5 wide receiver set (expect pass) 01 – (0 RB , 1 TE) – 4 wide receiver set 02 – (0 RB, 2 TE) – 3 wide receivers 03 – (0 RB, 3 TE) – 2 wide receivers 10 – (1 RB , 0 TE) – […]

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