A Real Head-Scratcher: Bleacher Report List On Steelers And Free Agency

Nothing against Bleacher Report, they’re format is a little different with all the slideshows and I usually find their content entertaining, but I was floored by this report the other day on the Steelers and potential free agent moves. The article is titled “7 Big Moves The Pittsburgh Steelers Could Make In 2014 NFL Free Agency” and, well, just see for yourself…..

1) Hakeem Nicks – WR, New York Giants – True, we could use another WR if Sanders leaves, but an injury-riddled guy like Nicks is too much of a gamble and the Steelers aren’t much of a gambling team.

2) Jimmy Graham!! – TE, New Orleans – Geez, do I even need to elaborate here? Orleans would never allow him to leave, we would probably have to cut Roethlisberger to afford him (I’m kidding….sort of)…..there’s a better chance of the Steelers signing me to a multi-million dollar contract than this happening.

3) Branden Albert, OT, Kansas City – They may draft someone here, but I find it extremely unlikely they make a big FA move at a position where they have already invested a considerable amount of draft currency. Plus, I get the sense they feel Beachum is a legit LT.

4) Paul Soliai – DT, Miami – Assuming (big assumption) he came at a reasonable price, a quality NT that would allow us to shift McLendon to DE, which I think is his natural position, is a good move in my opinion. A reasonable suggestion.

5) Brian Orakpo – OLB, Washington – They note that the Steelers could lose Worilds in free agency to a higher bidder and that Woodley could likewise be cut. So…….the Steelers can’t afford to pay Worilds, but will somehow be able to afford Orakpo, a guy who will almost certainly command a MUCH higher deal. Got it. Never mind that the Skins will get $36 million in cap space back this season and Orakpo will almost certainly not sniff the free agent market.

6) Alterraun Verner – CB, Tennessee – I’ve said several times that the secondary is the Steelers’ biggest need area, so I guess I can’t poke too many holes here, but I think we all know an expensive high-profile corner signing ain’t happening.

7) Jairus Byrd – S, Buffalo – Ditto what I said about Verner.

In fairness, they do preface the report by noting that the team does not usually make big moves in free agency and I guess the list is all for fun anyway, but it just struck me as so far out of touch with reality (at least the Steelers’ reality) that I couldn’t let it pass without mention.

I suppose if I’m pointing fingers I should probably put my neck on the line and put together my own list of potential Steelers free agent pickups. Maybe I’ll do that in the coming weeks as I get more up to speed on the free agent market.

Of course, if you have any thoughts on players (not named Jimmy Graham) that the team might want to consider, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Maybe we can start to compile a list of candidates and see how it pans out. 


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