Check Out This Crazy Proposal For Three Rivers From 1958

I saw this over on the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette website today and thought it was worth passing along. This is an artists’s rendering of a proposal from French architect and  Premier Grand Prix de Rome Winner (whatever the hell that is) Mailly for the contruction of Three Rivers Stadium:

Three Rivers proposal 1The stadium would be built right over the Monongahela and, among other things, would include a) the world’s largest covered boat dock b) 100 air conditioned bowling alleys and c) “beautiful gardens overlooking the river”.

Call me crazy, but I doubt that the “beautiful gardens” would have been a big hit with the Yinzer crowd, especially in late November / December. Makes me wonder if had ever been to the city.

Here’s another proposal from a different architectual firm that probably had a more realistic shot of getting built. It’s a multi-purpose stadium, just like Three Rivers was, and it looks like it would have had a great view of the city skyline. No idea why this one got nixed, but if you check out the PPG site, they have some links if you’re interested.

Three Rivers proposal2

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