(POLL) Should the Steelers Bring Todd Haley Back As Offensive Coordinator Next Season?

Roll the clock back to week nine of the regular season and it seemed like a foregone conclusion that Todd Haley was going to be shown the door this offseason. The Steelers were 2-6 and coming off a 55-31 thrashing at the hands of the New England Patriots. There were rumors that Roethlisberger was unhappy with Haley and the direction of the offense and would ask for a trade once the season was over.

The nail was all but in Haley’s coffin, at least if you listened to the pundits. Frankly, I thought there was a better chance of me being the Steelers offensive coordinator in 2014 than Todd Haley.

But then a funny thing happened.

Suddenly, the Steelers started winning games and Ben and the offense got into a real rhythm. We saw a lot more no-huddle, the offensive line really started to protect Ben and open holes in the running game and rookie Le’Veon Bell started to show some of the promise that made him a second round pick.

The team, as you know, went 6-2 to finish the season and it looked like Haley would actually be able to exit the Witness Protection Program and walk the streets of Pittsburgh without fear of being assaulted. No one was griping about the play-calling, about Ben leaving or about any conflicts (perceived or otherwise) between him and Haley. Playoffs aside, life was actually pretty good for Steelers fans.

So now that the season has come to an end and we reflect about that went on this year, it seems like a good time to stop and ask how you feel about Todd Haley returning as offensive coordinator in 2014.

Do you WANT him back? Has he earned the right to return next season? If not, who would you like to see replace him?

Please hit this poll up and feel free to share any comments you may have below….


  1. Look man I know it’s hard to accept that Antonio Brown was out of bounds, but we finished the season 8-2 and not 7-1.

  2. Hahaha – you’re right! My bad. Guess that one is a little tough to accept. Corrected it in the article. Thanks for giving me the heads-up!

  3. Yes! steelers will be back to ground 0 if Todd Haley doesn’t come back. They ended the season with a positive… let’s keep this going onto next year.

  4. I definitely DON’T want him to come back, but I think he should, the second half of the season went pretty good, I honestly just hate his repetitiveness with the screen pass. Other than that, I really think he got the offensive up and running, despite some key injuries.

  5. The man does love his screen passes, doesn’t he?

    I saw where Roethlisberger is already lobbying for more no-huddle next season. My hope is that they give him some more leeway there as they looked really sharp in that through the latter half of the season.

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