POLL: What Should The Bengals Do With Andy Dalton?

Andy Dalton is three years into his NFL career and I think it’s safe to say the results have been mixed, at best. He’s had his moments, but he’s also been very erratic during the regular season (some good, some bad) and downright dreadful in the playoffs:

2011 (loss) Houston 31 Cincy 10; Dalton – 27 for 42 257 yards 0 TDs 3 INTs

2012 (loss) Houston 19 Cincy 13; Dalton – 14 for 30 127 yards 0 TDs 1 INT

2013 (loss) San Diego 27 Cincy 1; Dalton – 29 for 51 334 yards 1 TD 2 INTs 1 fumble

Following today’s game, I think many in Cincy are questioning whether this is the guy they want to be their quarterback moving forward. Personally, I feel like he is a very average quarterback and he’s not the type of guy that can lead a team to a Super Bowl.

From a contract perspective, Dalton signed a four year $5.2m deal as a rookie, so this offseason is the logical time for Cincy to look to extend him, should they choose to do so (as they almost certainly will). What makes this interesting is that Jay Cutler, who I view as a slightly better quarterback than Dalton (although that’s certainly open to debate), just signed a 7-year $126 million deal with $54 million guaranteed.

If you’re a member of the Bengals’ front office and you just witnessed Dalton’s monstrosity of a performance in this playoff game, you have to be more than a little apprehensive about inking him to an extension in the name neighborhood as Cutler’s (Cutlerville?).

So what do you think Cincy should do here? Don’t answer as a Steelers fan! Pretend for a minute you’re someone who actually cares about the Bengals when answering. Then wipe the vomit off your shirt and go back to making fun of this franchise…..


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